Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Parties in Bloom: Christmas Lunch

I am so excited to share Bloom's first official party submission with you.  It comes from my dear friend, Lauren- mother, wife, and party planner extraordinaire.  She just hosted a Christmas lunch for the mothers in her daughter's first grade class.  Lauren used traditional Christmas colors with crisp, clear, classy detail.   I just adore the twine ribbon on the sandwiches and the candy cane centerpiece.  You can find more of Lauren's parties around the web by clicking here and here.


  1. Jenny, I am so flattered that you posted my party! Thank you!!

  2. Jenny,
    I live in San Francisco and love to entertain....I'm so glad I'm aware of this site because I will definitely be "stealing" some ideas from down south! I especially love that you posted Lauren's Christmas lunch, she is one of my best friends from college and is one of the best hostesses I know. I hear you are too!

    Love this site!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. That might be the cutest centerpiece I've ever seen!

  4. So elegant, beautiful and clean looking decor for Christmas!!!! would love to replicate this!! Merry Merry.

    This site is great!


  5. What a beautiful lunch. I am in love with the candy cane centerpiece and the red and green fruit! It is beautiful. Thanks for such great inspiration.