Wednesday, January 11, 2012

good vs. great- ombre candy jars

 On New Year's morning, I was sitting with my daughter, Audrey, sharing some personal goals we wanted to achieve in the new year.  I have a lot of parties in the work (which I am VERY excited about), so I began reflecting on what makes a good party great.  Then I remembered a little quote I saw.....

Tiny Details- often simple and inexpensive and most require just a little bit of extra time.  These small details are a way to add to the theme and atmosphere of your party making it a bit more special. So...

Good vs Great #1- ombre food jars

Good- cute, fun, happy

Great- dramatic, substantial, definite statement

Separating the colors and layering them in jars rather than just pouring the candy straight from the bag, allows you to customize inexpensive treats to fit the mood of your party.  Here, I layered Valentine's M&M's and spring marshmallows to create totally different moods.  I even omitted colors that didn't fit my party theme. Simple. (and a great math lesson for younger kids who love to help.)

Of course, all these tiny details I'll be sharing over the next several weeks are just my opinion on things that help make a good party great.  But I also truly believe that, sometimes a case of beer and a box of ding dongs can make the best party, if you are with the right people!

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