Monday, February 13, 2012

Make It Monday- Party Pedestals

I am in full planning mode for a party I am having next week and I was having a hard time finding food vessels to match my party colors without spending a fortune.  Normally, I use all white plates and cake stands for everything but for this party they simply would not work.  This is probably a familiar project to most of you but it is a party craft everyone should know and with all Valentine crafts going on, I thought it would be a good week to share this easy craft.    It is so simple and takes just minutes best of all they can be resprayed over and over again.

Supplies: wooden candel sticks, wooden plates, glue gun, spray paint- all from Michael's

Glue the plate and candel stick together using a hot glue gun.  Make sure the candel stick is attached to the center of the plate so that the cake stand is balanced.

Let glue dry and then spray paint. Make sure you do both sides.

One tiny tidbit I learned yesterday after doing this project- You can buy a portable spray gun for under $5.00 that turns any paint into a can of spray paint (which saves time and goes on so much better).  Although spray paint now comes in a huge variety of colors, I couldn't find the bright preppy pink I was looking for.  With this tool, I am simply going to use some left over paint from another project to get the exact results I want.
Hope your Valentine's craft are completed.  Back tomorrow.

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