Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Party Planning 101- part 5

After theme, mood, color, party plan and invitation, the real work begins- repackaging and labeling.  This is where your party goes from good to great.  I start by going down my party checklist.  I look at each individual item and decide how it is going to be packaged or displayed and how it needs to be personalized or labeled to highlight the party theme. I'm sure I take this to the extreme but everything that is out at a party I am hosting is repackaged or relabeled, be it a beverage, food or craft item.  I am obsessive (nutty?) that way.  Try starting simple with just a few items, even that will make a huge difference.

For example, at my Apple Of Our Eye Party, I decided to serve lunch in bushel basket.  They were lined with the green gingham fabric I had found for cheap and then tied with a ribbon to the chairs- adorable decorations.  Then I had to come up with ways to make the food highlight the theme of the party.

Sandwiches were wrapped in gingham favor bags tied with bakers twine and labeled with a sticker calling them "applewiches."  They were simple turkey sandwiches cut in the shape of an apple with a cookie cutter.  Honestly though, the girls liked them much better with the cute name.  Apple sauce was served in mini glass jars tied with ribbons and labeled with a sticker.  "Harvest Chips" were packaged in clear cellophane bags with labels and the macaroni and cheese was served in individual paper ice cream cups, secured with a ribbon and sticker. All cute little presents for my guest to open.

I made very simple covers for the juice boxes and printed them on full label sheets to cover the ugly packaging and served lemonade in reused frappuccino bottles that were relabeled.  None of this was really expensive but it make a huge difference.  I use the same process with crafts.  This extra effort really makes your guest get into the spirit of the party.

If you asked for a party checklist- it is coming.  I am revamping it a bit.  Please remember to vote!


  1. I loved reading through all of the posts in this series. I love all the ideas. Megan

  2. OMG ... I have voted for you :) please email me all this funness :)

  3. What cute ideas - I totally love them! I'm buying fabric from a site online ( have a great range of colors) to make huge bows to decorate chairs with for my daughter's birthday party, but I love the idea with the gingham.

  4. I love your party planning series! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I am a new subscriber to your blog and absolutely love your ideas from your daughters Apple of Our Eye party. Thanks for sharing and I am looking forward to your other posts regarding it as well.

  6. I just came across this amazing party and will be using your ideas for my daughter's 2nd birthday in September. If you wouldn't mind, please send me the checklist. Thank you for all the inspiration! Email: