Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pretty Perfect

I haven't been able to stop thinking about these parties all week.  I am so happy to share them with you.

Pink & Gold Guest Dessert Feature on Amy Atlas

This just took my breath away.  It is so perfectly lovely.  It's my favorite shade of pink and just whispers beauty to me.  It's elegant, classy, perfect for any wedding shower, baby shower or girly girl birthday (especially mine:))

Love the floral detail on the back of the chair.  Make sure to check out the entire feature by clicking here.

The second party that had me thinking was

Little Peach Party on Kara's Party Ideas.  

I love the theme of this party.  The themes for all the parties I have planned this year are based on phrases (apple of my eye).  This one would fit in perfectly.  I may have to add something like it to my summer entertainment line up.
It also caught my eye because of this stamp.  I love personalized stamps!  We'll talk more about those tomorrow when we return to our party planning series.  The topic: invitations.
P.S. Huge milestone today- 50,000 page views.  In January, I though it would be months before I reached 10,000:). 

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