Friday, April 27, 2012

This Time Last Year- Pirates Vs. Mermaids

This time last year, I was hosting a pirate and mermaid party for my twins birthday.  Color scheme was pale pink, pale blue and black- which I love.  The soft pastel was perfect for Charlotte but there was plenty of black for Luke.  I divided the dessert table into a pirate side and a mermaid side and used burlap on the tables to create a sand feel.  Candies included sea glass, tentacles, and sea foam.  When I look back at they pictures now, I am still very proud of the party but I think I have learned a lot since then.  First, I am a much better photographer (please excuse these photos).  Now, I usually set up for photos then adjust the layout to work for the party. Second, the layout of the candy jars was a little off.  I needed to create a little more difference in height between the cupcake stand and candy jars. Otherwise, I would do the same party again in a heart beat.  We made mermaid necklaces out of "pearls," wrote messages in a bottle and decorated treasure boxes.  On the pirate cove side of the party, there was sword fighting, walking the plank and digging for buried treasure.  Everyone participated in a treasure hunt where they earned mermaid money or pirate's treasure.  These type of hunts are one of my favorite party activities.  They work for every age.

I am happy to say that this complete line of pirate vs. mermaid printables are available in my etsy store.  They are also available for just pirate and just mermaid parties. 
 The mermaid line is now available in pink, turquoise or lavender!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. What a cute party! You are so talented! I know you say to excuse the photos but it is so refreshing to see such a stylish, professional looking party that has "honest" photographs! (not that other ones aren't, but I know a lot of people don't know how the pros do it and it is just refreshing) Makes one feel like they were almost there! Your photos look really great though and I know how it is learning to take extra awesome photos. I myself am learning and it is a process. We learn a little more each day. Great party! It looks like it was super fun! Keep up the good work!