Friday, May 18, 2012

In Bloom- Etsy Store

I have been, shall we say,  as busy as a bee working on a new party theme and I have completely forgotten to share some cute new party bags and baking cups that I now carry in my ETSY store. These are great for so many thing. I am always pulling out these bags to wrap presents, stick sandwiches and snacks in, and the small ones are the perfect size for holding utensils or even gift cards. You can bake cupcakes right in the baking cups and they don't loose their color. I personally love them for ice cream. I scoop ice cream into them before a party and pull them out of the freezer for quick, easy serving. PERFECT PARTY SUPPLIES. Stock up!

Small Bitty Bags

Medium Bitty Bags

These polka dot bags are also available in black.

Large Bitty Bags

Baking Cups

There are so many cute ways to use these at your party!

Lots of fun invitations and parties straws are also available.  Have a great weekend.

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  1. Hi Jenny
    I went on your etsy site and emailed you a question on there. I was wanting to order 1 hot pink and 1 light pink striped straws. I wasn't sure if those were available :)