Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pretty Perfect

Hi! This week's pretty perfect features two parties both with a very muted color scheme. Last week was crazy hectic with my son's birthday party and his and his sister's "real" birthday. These parties are calm and soothing yet full of amazing detail.  Sometimes it better to whisper:)

Pastel Art Party- HWTM

Typically when you see an art themed party a bold rainbow color scheme follows.  I love how this art party uses a muted pastel color scheme for a totally different"art party" vibe.  It's a bit more sophisticated and classy.  Don't you love the paint cans on the backdrop and the clear paint buckets for food containers? Perfect for your older artist.

Don't you just want to be in this picture?  It took my breathe away.  Sweet, calm, beautiful.  The perfect moment between sisters.  I love the delicate colors of all the sweets and vessels.  Perfectly Pretty.

And since I mentioned my son, Luke's birthday- it was super fun.  25 boys- a bit different than the parties above.  We did a bowling party with fun twist.  Leave a comment with your guess on the twist (as long as you weren't there) and the first person who is right will win 2 packs of party straws.  Can't wait for the photos to be edited so I can share them with you!  



  1. Hi Jenny! Was it a bowling with an ice cream "twist"? Can't wait to find out!

  2. Was it bowling with an Angry Birds twist?!? My five year old is obsessed and I can see making a bowling party into a fun angry birds experience! Can't wait for the pics!



  3. Was it bowling with an 80s theme