Friday, August 17, 2012

Tiny Details

I always try to have a few tiny details to set my party apart and make it special.  Here are some amazing tiny details from recent parties that I love and will most likely "borrow" and adapt to a party I host one day:)

Preppy Cake from Preppy Polo Party Done with ribbon, the stripes around this cake are so classy and best of all easy to do!  IT looks crisp, clean and really highlight the preppy theme of this party.

Personalized Wine Bottle from Preppy Polo Party-  Another extra detail that you can do for free on your computer.  Try printing on full label sheets or sticker paper for a clean look.  This can be done in Word with just a great font in your event's colors.  

Chicken Wire Back Drop from Lemonade Stand Guest Feature Completely adorable and so fun for the kids.  This is a great way to display so many treat.

Rice Cereal Treats from Parisian Poodle Feature- I always shy away from making Rice Krispie Treats at party because I feel like they can look too homemade.  These though have changed my mind.  Elegant fun and yummy!

Have an amazing weekend!  Can't wait to tell you where I have spent this past week.  Any guesses?

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