Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Skull Septors and Pumpkin Wands

Looking for a quick decoration or party favor?  These pumpkin wands and skull septors are adorable and so easy to make.  They take just a few seconds to put together.  One thing I have learned from party styling is that kids like everything better on a stick (or in this case a straw)!

You need pre-glittered skulls and/or pumpkins found at Target or Michael's, paper straws or other stick, ribbon and craft glue.

Use kitchen scissors to cut of any hooks on top of your pumpkin or straw.  Put a little glue on the end of the straw and push it into the bottom of your object.  You may want to make a hole with a stronger stick first (I used a lollipop stick to make a hole before inserting the straw).  Attach the ribbon and you're done.

The straws are available in my Etsy store along with these adorable new polka dot bitty bags in medium and small!
SO CUTE!  See you tomorrow:)


  1. Oh I love these!! So true about kids and things on sticks!! Love the orange and black straws too!