Friday, November 9, 2012

Trim A Tree- Party by Bloom

Silly me.  I realized today that I never shared the Trim A Tree themed party I hosted last year for my girls and a few of their BFF's.  Since it was an all girls party I wanted to use a soft, pastel color theme with pink as the predominate color.  It was whimsical, pretty and magical.  As always I like to look back at old parties that I've hosted and see how my tastes/style has changed.  What do I still love?  The Marshmallow stick and the candy cones. However, I definitely feel that the table is a bit crowded for my tastes now.  I should have edited more so that there are more quiet places for the eye to rest.  Also, although this background is cute, now I prefer using a more simple graphic design.  The memories of the party remain the same .

The girls had a fun time make decorations for the tree.  Each received a tree t-shirt to "work" in and a personalized lunch box filled with craft supplies.


The entire printable collection including invitations, labels, toppers, water bottle wraps, believe banner are available in my Etsy store.


  1. Those girls must have had a blast! What a pretty, crafty party!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I want to attend this party, you did an amazing job!!! I am truly inspired!!!

  3. Love this SO much... every little detail! What fun!

    Take care,


  4. Astounding arrangements, all the ribbons , ice, balloons are too perfectly arranged never seen such an arrangement ever before, hope that your girls had surely enjoyed the party.
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  5. Just precious! I love the melted snow. You did a great job! I am following you, so I can come back and check out some other parties! Thanks for linking up on Super Sweet Saturday.

  6. Seriously so cute! Love everything about this party. Lucky girls!

  7. Love this!! May I feature this in my Soiree Day?