Friday, December 7, 2012

New Year's Eve Party by Bloom

Happy Friday! I thought we would take a break from Christmas projects (today only) and look at the New Year's Eve Party I did last year.  I loved working with this color combination.  It was clean, modern, and easy to find things that worked.  White is absolutely one of my favorite color (then black, silver and pink).  A champagne bar with lots of mix ins welcomed my guests.  It was a fun way to toast the New Year.

The complete New Year's Eve Printable Party Kit is in my shop.  Do you already have New Year's Eve plans?  It's just over 3 weeks away.  Seems like a lot has to get done between now and then.


  1. This is gorgeous! Love it. =) For some reason, I just love anything with white desserts. Great job!
    Angie from

  2. Absolutely beautiful!! I love everything about it!! I've never seen such a beautiful party for New Years!! Thanks for sharing :)

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  5. Love the clean, crisp colors and patterns! 'Refined revelry' you could call it! :-)

  6. So pretty, you're inspiring me to start thinking about New Year's Eve. Love the colour combo too.

  7. This looks so lovely and elegant!
    Kindest regards,

  8. That is amazing. I love everything.