Wednesday, January 18, 2012

good vs. great #2- relabeling and repackaging

Relabeling and repackage is another tiny, inexpensive detail that can take your party from good to great.  Anyone can create a simple label on their computer in Word using the colors of their party.  Depending on your computer skills, add a border and simple clip art.  Print your label on a full sticker sheet (which you should always have on hand), trim and cover up those ugly, off colored manufacturing labels.  Doing so makes your party looks a bit more pulled together and personalized.  Of course, there are tons of water bottle labels available for cheap on etsy but think beyond the water bottle and put cute covers on craft supplies, candy bars, soda bottles, and even juice or crayola boxes.  


Great- personalized to the theme of the party

relabeled chocolate bars
Craft supplies with party specific labels

 For the over achiever, crayola and juice box covers

Repackaging also does the same thing.  Cellophane bags come in all different sizes and are available in boxes of 100 for pennies apiece.   

Happy wrapping!

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