Wednesday, February 15, 2012

good vs. great #3- bows

An easy, inexpensive way to add great detail to your party is with bows and ribbons.  Wrap or tie them around anything.  It makes the item feel like a little present.  It is a party after all and what's a party without presents?

Courtney Dial said it best in her Pizzazzerie post about my Silver and White party:  

I absolutely adore the mini martini glasses (I have a set myself and use them all the time at parties) decorated with mini bows. It’s these little touches that truly make a party memorable.

This dessert (which I  made, so I can say this) would really be nothing without the bow. Tie one on!

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  1. My friend created a wonderful tutorial for a simple edible bow that she used on a purse. You can see it here at:

    I agree that the details make or break.