Sunday, February 19, 2012

More Eat, PINK, and Be Married

When my sister was getting married, I wanted to create the perfect bridal shower for her. She is such a girlie girl and the pink princess theme fit her perfectly. To set the mood for the party, my mom helped me make tons of pink pillows to put on the furniture around the pool. On some of them, I took the crown image from the invitation and transferred it to fabric to make princess pillow. I hung 100 pink paper lanterns around the yard and added tons of pink flowers in vases with my sisters new monogram. On each table, I placed a different famed quote about pink or princesses; one by Audrey Hepburn, Sara in the Little Princess, Elle Wood from Legally Blonde, and Shelby from Steele Magnolias. The invitation asked guests to wear pink which added to the mood of the party. When guest arrived, they sipped on kir royals with pink sugar around the rim of the glass and snack on pink salmon canapes. The centerpiece of the dessert table was a pink ombre cake and all the rest of the sweet treats were in shades of pink except the mini banana creme pies which are my sister's favorite. Over the table was a banner that read eat, pink and be married. Guest left with a mercury glass votive with a crown on it. 

I had a local printer cut the words for Bride to Be out of vinyl and made the sign on the chair that may sister sat in while opening her gift which most of the guest had wrapped in pink paper:) It turned out to be the perfect girlie girl shower fit for the princess that my sister is. 


  1. I love this. It's so beautiful


  2. Just LOVE! I've never heard of Banana Creme Pie - would you mind sharing the recipe?

  3. This is beautiful and the exact idea that I was looking for with my bridal shower. I was also wondering where you purchased the dress that I believe the bride is wearing in the picture? The pink chiffon dress? It is gorgeous and I have been searching.

    Feel free to e-mail me at

    Thanks so much!!