Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Good Vs. Great- Custom Stamps

It has been a long time since I've done a post from this series but I have been working on and receiving a lot on invitations lately.  I "talked" in another post about how important a printed invitation can be for smaller affairs.  It's a little gift, a promise of fun and it can set the mood for the party weeks in advance.  The envelope, shall we say, is like wrapping paper.  It is the first impression of your party- don't let it be an after thought.  Unfortunately, the designs at the post office usually don't fit your party theme.  You can get lucky.  My dear friend Lauren was able to purchase these dog stamps for a puppy "paw"ty she was doing.

When that doesn't happen, I ADORE the use of custom stamps.  They cost more than regular stamps but if you are only sending out less than 20 invitations (the amount of stamps on a custom sheet) you are only spending an extra $10.  For that price, it's worth it.

This little detail makes your party a bit more personal.  
I always make my custom stamps through Zazzle.  They even offer a bunch of premade options like the anchor stamp above.
See ya tomorrow!

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