Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pretty Perfect

Ready for my pretty perfect pick from last week around the web?  My favorite party was

Ballerina Birthday Party on HWTM
I am so in love with the backdrop made out of tutus.  This party is filled with so many sweet inspirations for the most girlie girl.  Be sure to hop on over and check out all of this inspiration.  PErfectly feminine.

Parties in Bloom
I am also very excited to share this adorable party submitted to Bloom.  It is filled with so many creative and personal details.  I just love it!

Milk and Cookies by Lauren Borquez of Being Borquez
As Lauren writes:

When I started planning Logan's first birthday party the first two things that came to my mind is his love for milk and his unique, sweet personality. A cookies and milk party for my little one seemed like an obvious choice. I wanted the feel of a classic cookies and milk party but I also wanted to make sure that Cookie Monster himself played a role. After all, he snuggles with a plush Cookie Monster every night before bedtime and lets be honest who doesn't adore Cookie Monster?! I wanted to make sure that this party had an intimate and sentimental touch. It was a family only affair and I asked each family member to bake their favorite cookie. 
Those cookies, along with a Cookie Monster cake and cupcakes were served to our guests. Milk was the obvious drink of choice. I wanted to make sure everything was cohesive. The color scheme was brown and blues. The focal point was the dessert table that the cookies and main cake was featured on. That area I wanted to be primarily brown with the idea that as you grazed on cookies galore the color scheme would then carry you to the kitchen island where blue as well as Cookie Monster become the focus. 
To tie the areas together I had Cookie Monster footprints leading the way. All things are blue in the monsters world even the blue "monster milk" and blue cookies served there. Lastly, for the favor table there were two choices of favors. Since the party was family oriented we had many adult guests. Cookies in a jar mixes served as the adult favors and take home cookie monster boxes were for the children to bag up their favorite cookies from the party. We had a wonderful party. We had a smiling one year old the entire time that eventually was blue from head to toe. It was everything a first birthday party should be with the main ingredient being lots of love from a family that adores him. Lots of cookies didn't hurt either :)    

Be sure to hop on over and check out the rest of the party details.  Thanks for sharing Lauren.  Do you have a party you would like to submit?  Send it to bloom online@sbcglobal.net.

Have a great day!

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