Friday, June 22, 2012

Strikes 'N Staches Party

Hey Man! Ready to roll? I am SO excited to share my son, Luke's Strikes 'N Staches Party.    We have an amazing old bowling alley across town that was the perfect setting. Luke’s friend all very competitive boys so to play up their manliness, we decided to throw in the mustaches and make it a strikes and ‘staches party.  They had a ball!

The color scheme of the dessert table was black and white with pops of red.  Round treats included a fun whopper covered cake, oreo cakester cake, bowling pops, ice cream sandwiches on stache sticks and donut balls.  The kids also got to make a sweet stache at the candy table, which had all red candies that played on the theme of the party.  My favorite dessert element was the milk jars to which I added red tape to create bowling pins. 

The boys put on their fake ‘staches and took a photo in front of the "framed" backdrop stocked with lots of fun props. After several great frames of bowling they treated themselves to the manwiches shaped like bowling balls and to the chip bar.  They wetted their whiskers with soda ‘stache and then headed to the dessert table.

For the booths, I simply filled vases with sour cherry balls and cut out a bowling ball, mustache and the number 6.  I made placemats to match the other printables. Then added white dots to black paper plates to change them into bowling balls

As the boys left, they took home personalized muslin bags filled with things that roll and gumball tubes.  For the printable, I used a manly herringbone pattern and black and white polka dots to play up both the man and bowling aspects of the party. The ‘staches collection available here includes everything form invitations, to the food labels, water bottle wraps, juice box covers, straw flags, banners and more.


  1. Oh my word this looks so wonderful! You are very talented!

  2. Such an adorable party Jenny! Love it!

  3. Such an AWESOME party!!! I am hoping to throw a bowling party this year and have a few questions. I hope you don't mind. : )

    For the dots on the plates, how did you ensure they wouldn't come off once food was placed on them, etc.? How did they adhere?

    And do you mind sharing the things you placed in the muslin goodie bags?

    Lastly, did you do the printables yourself? And the muslin bags? Would you mind sharing your source?

    Thanks so much! Again, super great ideas and very creative!