Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Hillary

My dear Hillary turned nine this week.  I really can't believe she is that old.  Hillary has the sweetest, kindest heart and tries so hard to please other.  Throwing a party for her was my honor.  I hope she know how much I love her.  She makes me happy each and every day.

Here is my inspiration board from Pinterest for the party.  Can you guess the theme?

I will be posting pictures of this year's party really soon but here is what we did last year.

Looking back, what would I have changed?  The heights of the items on the dessert table are too similar.  There should be more variation and I needed something tall either in the center of the table or on both ends.   Also, the backdrop was too tall.  It didn't need to be as high as the wall.  Finally, I would package the items on the food table better.  But... Hillary had a fabulous time at her party this year and last.  She felt special and loved and that is all that really matters.

NEXT WEEK- (as much as it hurts to type this) BACK TO SCHOOL IDEAS and back to my regular posting schedule.  Have a great weekend.



  1. Your Parisian theme from last year is so prettily styled! Kudos to Mom!

  2. Where did you get those cute round metal suitcases? I'm doing a similar party for my daughter this year and I love those! Thanks! VERY cute party setup. :)