Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer Adventure

So, even though my blog has been "live" this past week, I just got back from the most amazing trip to Alaska!  My mom treated my family and my sister's family to a fun filled week of hiking, biking, and exploring.  We went with an adventures tour group (no cruise) and we just had the most incredible experiences.  Since this is the last day of summer for my kids, I wanted to share a few photos from our summer vacation.

 Our First Day

Iditarod Training Camp

Harding Ice Field- 3.9 mile hike up the Exit Glacier to this endless sea of ice. Breathtaking. 

Me and my hubby at the top

the most beautiful mountain goats!

Ready to raft!

Salmon swimming up in the Russian River

A wild mushroom

Hillary holding a piece of glacier fished out of the lake.

6 mile kayak trip

My mom on her birthday

Homer, Alaska at midnight

Make you want to get away?  A few of you emailed me wanting to know if there would be any Alaskan inspired parties in the future.  With all this inspiration? Of course, but you'll have to wait for Charlotte's birthday in March.

SO, in all honesty, I feel the last few weeks at the blog have been in low gear.  Get ready to kicked it up! I have so many fun inspirations, crafts and party ideas for the fall.  I can't wait to share.

and thanks mom!


  1. What an amazing trip! I love the pics!

  2. I love all the photos. It looks like such a wonderful trip. thanks for sharing!

    PS- tried 5 times to post this comment but your word verification keeps stopping me

  3. As an avid Iditarod follower, I especially enjoyed the training camp pictures. It looks like an incredible trip!!

  4. Hi Jenny,
    Your trip looks amazing! We are planning a trip over to Canada [from Australia] next year @ roughly this time of year & would love the experience of some of the activities your family did - esp the husky dogs & bears. What company did you use; the package you took & would you recommend them? Appreciate your reply!
    Thanks. Kristine
    PS I love your blog

  5. Thank you for sharing! What a beautiful family!!! You are so young and beautiful!!!! (I should of guessed that!)....Like the post above please share info on your tour. We would love to go to Alaska and not go on a cruise.
    Thanks for all your great ideas.