Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What's in Bloom?

I have been busy adding new party supplies to my Etsy store.  They are items I love and definitely use myself but my main goal is to make the items you see at my parties readily available to you- everything from invitations and other printables to straws, balloons, treat bags and more.  Hopefully, it will simplify your planning by having everything you need in one spot.

New to the store this week

Wooden Utensils-

These mini tasting spoons are perfect for individual and mini desserts and can be customized with stamps or paint and the larger fork and spoon are great for any party theme.

I use this for absolutely everything- jars, presents, little bags, around stems of cake stand, you name it!  It make anything cuter. The color are amazing! Bet you can't choose just one:)


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