Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pretty Perfect

Pretty Perfect has been missing for a few weeks, mostly because nothing has really inspired me.  However, I was so excited by with these two parties last week, I had to share them with my friends (you!) It's funny that they both have the similar color schemes while having very different themes.  I've been flounder with the color scheme of a party I am planning for my oldest daughter, Audrey, in early November.  I have had the party theme picked for a while (11 months!) She wants a bright turquoise and hot pink and a vintage feel and I am having trouble putting all the pieces together.  These parties are inspiring new ideas.

These two parties reminded me that a color scheme makes or breaks a party.  Try to think out of the box.  Take it from typical to extraordinary by choosing colors that work well but that are unexpected- a Halloween party doesn't always have to be black and orange. Make sure to hop over and check out the full posts on these parties.  They are just stunning. BEAUTIFUL!

Charming Vintage Cinderella Party on HWTM

While you're hopping around, check out my friend Lauren's amazing
Military Party from Party of Five on HWTM

If you have a boy, you need to see this party!


  1. The Cinderella party from Dear Lillie is amazing. She has such a great eye for design and it's simply stunning!

  2. Jenny, I am flattered that you made mention of Davis' party in your "pretty perfect" feature. Thanks again for all of your help with everything. I really appreciated it!