Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Let It Snow Treats

I just love these!  Simply scoop vanilla ice cream into cups and cover with clear sugar sprinkles and you have a yummy and super easy holiday treat that can be done well in advance of your party!  Who doesn't love ice cream?  Ice cream cups with free "let it snow" tags now available in my Etsy Store.



  1. i just sent you an email but then i thought ... oh ya!!!! you have done it again ... so so 'A'dorable so fun ... am thinking ... this may be just the ticket for the 'open house' i am planning for the office ... my department ... hmmm... xoxo thank you for sharing your creativity with all of the world ... xoxo

  2. Such a simple way to add more fun to dessert! Pretty presentation with the tag and matching twine.

  3. How cute! This would probably also work with cupcakes!

  4. These are so cute and how simple. Thanks!

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  6. via Sundae Scoop Linky Party - nice! nom nom nom!