Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Again- You Blow Me Away!

Obviously, I love this phrase for Valentine's Day.  I think it makes kids feel incredibly amazing and special.  I wanted to share a few non candy idea for the holiday (Some years we have more candy from Valentine's Day than from Halloween) and this is the perfect phrase.  

Can't think of a kid who doesn't LOVE bubbles. The bubbles above came in sets of 3 at the Dollar Tree.  Remove the wrapper and print the download available here on full label sheet.

Can you believe these adorable balloons were in the dollar bins at Target.  My eleven year old wanted one.  Attached to the card available here with some baker's twine and you'll make all your little ones happy.

You, my friends, blow me away!  Thanks for all your support and love.


  1. These are cute! Either way kids will love it! Both my girls loved bubbles and balloons....in fact they still do :)

  2. Love this idea. What child wouldn't want a daily reminder in writing about how special they are. I need this.
    Great idea!
    Jill Pieterse

  3. Love all of your ideas! Thanks for sharing.

    Lori Siegelman

  4. I love this! my kind of idea :) I'd love for you to link to my party- http://atozebracelebrations.com/2013/01/link-party-4.html