Monday, February 4, 2013

Glittered Votives

Here is a simple way to dress up ordinary, inexpensive votives to personalize your party or to give as a gift.  While I did theses for Valentine's day, I also did them with gold glitter and star stickers for a birthday party.  The options are endless but the technique remains the same. Best of all, these don't take that much time to make.

You need:
spray glitter
full label sheet if you are making your own shape or stickers
any kind of tape


On full labels sheets, punch out heart shapes.
Make a border on the votives by wrapping tape around the top and bottom edge of each votive.  Carefully place your heart in the center making sure to rub down the edges of the stickers.

Cover the opening of the candle so you don't get any over spray on the wax and glitter the votives. Once, they are dry, remove border tape and heart. Seal if you wish with a clear top coat.

Package if sharing with friends.

Off to a great week!


  1. So pretty.

    Kate x

  2. Such a simple idea with a huge impact! Thanks for sharing!

  3. So simple and gorgeous! I love the glitter!

  4. I tried this for a bridal shower. Concept was great BUT the spray glitter can clogged so fast. Cost alot, would not recommed it to anybody. Very disapponting.