Monday, January 30, 2012

Make It Monday- Groundhog Cupcakes

I am so happy to finally put up a Make It Monday baking post.  When I first started the Make It Monday series, my original plan was that it would my time to share great party recipes.  I am actually much more a of baker than crafter, so it has always been a bit odd to me that I haven't shared any baking ideas.  This weekend though I was chatting with my dear friend Heather (who I am so blessed to also have as my neighbor) and she gave me the inspiration for these adorable Groundhogs' Day cupcakes!
Supplies- any kind of cupcake, green frosting, green sprinkles (decorettes), Teddy Grahams 

 Frost cupcakes and then add green sprinkles leaving the center open
 Smash a handful of the Teddy Grahams to make dirt and then sprinkle it in the center of the cupcake.
 Stick in your little groundhog (teddy bear).  You may need to add more dirt around him.

And you're done!

Now granted, these are bears and not ground hogs but I think they make a cute stand-in and I'm not sure my kiddos really know the difference. (I don't:))

I was so excited to receive this photo of the Make It Monday S.W.A.K. wreath from our sweet blog reader (and my dear friend) Tracy.  I absolutely love the red and black color combination.  Tracy's six year old son was so proud of his mommy.  He was boasting about her crafting skill to all of his friends! So sweet. Great job Tracy!

Share your Make It Monday pictures with me:
Back tomorrow with Super Bowl ideas for Harriet:) and THANKS to the 501 followers of my Valentine's Board on Pinterest.


  1. you did it again! I love these...and sent you more blog love!

  2. Leave it to Heather to have an idea for EVERY holiday! Very cute!!

  3. So cute & how clever to use a teddy graham for the groundhog! :*)

    Your Newest Follower :),

  4. These are the cutest cupcakes ever! What a fun way to celebrate Groundhog day with the kids!! -The Six Sisters