Monday, April 23, 2012

Make It Monday- Family Photo Books

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Have you made a photo book yet?  They are a great way to organize your pictures and personalize them to a person or event.  Each year I make a book for each of my children and for our family.  The books for my kids go from birthday to birthday and our family book goes from September to August.  Since I started collecting photos for these books on my oldest daughter's first day of kindergarten, this made perfect sense.  Also, I give each of the books as presents to my kiddies and husband on Christmas, so ending our family book in August gives me time to create the album.  Honestly, everyone really looks forward to this present each year and it's a great final gift to get on Christmas morning.

There are many terrific sites on which you can create books.  I use Shutterfly because that's what I started on.  Don't get overwhelmed.  Start simple.  In my first book, I used all 12x12 photos and no added no writing just so I could get the hang of it.

Now in each of my children's books,  I do a short paragraph about their personalities, likes and activities over the previous year.  It's a great way to remember those little unique traits that they sometimes out grow.

Don't order a book without a coupon and free shipping!  Google discount codes for your site.  They frequently run specials and this will save you LOTS of money.  A final thing you may consider- I always order 2 of each book.  One for me that I save high up in the closest and one for little hands that are sometimes dirty and not always delicate but absolutely love to hold the book.  Then, I am not worried about the book getting ruined.
Off to a great week!

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